Duke Street Nursery School

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Pupil Premium

We estimate that around 35% of children will qualify for EYPP funding each term. 


We use baseline data of those children who qualify for EYPP to plan the additional support given. Depending on need, support is usually given through speech and language intervention, additional small group time delivered by the Senior Teacher and / or access to a nurture group. EYPP funding is also used to employ an Family Support Worker who supports some of our families improving attendance. The Family Support Worker also delivers parenting courses and 1-1 family learning sessions.    


From April 2015 our work with children who qualified for Early Years Pupil Premium funding led to significant progress across targeted areas (Prime + Literacy and Numeracy). Our tracking data evidences that the gap between children who qualify for the EYPP and others is closing effectively. 

Our Pupil Premium Strategy document  shows information for our previous and current year regarding our Pupil Premium plans. This document indicates our allocation of the Pupil Premium grant, the main barriers to educational achievement, how we propose to spend the Pupil Premium to address these barriers and how we will measure the impact.

To view our 2022 - 2023 Strategy Statement & Action Plan please click HERE.

To view our 2023 - 2024 Strategy Statement & Action Plan please click HERE.