Duke Street Nursery School

"Our children and families are at the heart of everything that we do"

Governors Attendance


Curriculum Committee-

3rd October 2022 - Mr M Richardson, Mrs N Sinclair, Mrs C Holland, Mrs M Klavins-Bridge, Mrs S Conron, Mrs L Erskine, Apologies - Mrs K Stephens, Mrs M Fletcher, Mrs J Imrie, B Wright in attendance

23rd January 2023 -  Mrs K Stephens, Mrs C Alston, Mrs C Holland, Mrs J Imrie, Dr E Klavins, Mrs S Conron, Mrs H Belbin, Also in attendance - Mrs N Sinclair, Mr B Wright, Mrs L Phillips, Mr S Hodson, Apologies - Mr M Richardson, Mrs J Berrisford

24th April 2023 - Dr E Klavins, H Belbin, K Stephens, C Alston, L Phillips, S Hodson, Mr B Wright - minutes

16th October 2023 - Mrs K Stephens, Ms C Alston, Mrs H Belbin, Mrs C Murray, Mrs J Imrie, Mrs L Phillips, Mrs N Sinclair, Mrs S Conron, Apologies - Mrs J Berrisford.


Resource Management Meeting-

17th October 2022 - Dr E Klavins, N Sinclair, H Hull, S Conron, J Berrisford, L Dickinson and B Wright in attendance

6th February 2023 - S Conron, Dr L Klavins; M Klavins-Bridge; H Hull also in attendance; Brian Wright (Clerk to governors); Lynne Dickinson (Duke Street SBM)

 15th May 2023 - S Conron, Dr L Klavins, M Klavins-Bridge, H Hull, J Berrisford; also in attendance Brian Wright (Clerk to governors); Lynne Dickinson (Duke Street SBM). Apologies J Imrie; no apologies received from M Fletcher; M Richardson.

25th September 2023- Mrs H Hull, Dr E Klavins, Mrs S Conron, Mrs N Sinclair, Apologies - Mrs M Klavins-Bridge, Mrs L Phillips, Mrs L Dickinson. Mrs J Berrisford - Absent without apologies

22nd January 2024 - N Sinclair, L Phillips, K Stephens, Dr E Klavins, M Klavins-Bridge, H Hull, In Attendance - B Wright, L Dickinson, Apologies - S Conron (Executive Headteacher)

Full Governing body- 

14th November 2022 - Dr E Klavins, Mrs C Alston, Mrs H Belbin, Mrs J Imrie, Mrs C Holland, Mrs H Hull, Mr M Richardson, Mrs K Stephens, Mrs S Conron, Apologies: Mrs J Berrisford, Mrs M Fletcher. Also present Mr B Wright - Governor Advisor, Mrs L Phillips Acting Assistant EHT Observing, Mrs N Sinclair - Head of School Observing, Mrs K Kirk - Observer

20th March 2023 - Dr E Klavins, H Belbin, J Imrie, K Stephens, H Hull, C Holland, S Hodson, S Conron, L Phillips, M Richardson, K Stephens, In attendance – B Wright; L Dickinson, Apologies – K Kirk, C Alston

4th December 2023 - H Hull, S Dale, J Imrie, H Belbin, C Murray, K Stephens, L Phillips, N Sinclair, In Attendance - B Wright, L Dickinson, Apologies - S Conron (Executive Head), C Alston, M Klavins-Bridge.

Pay Committee-

6th December 2022 - S Conron, J Berrisford, H Hull, M Klavins-Bridge, C Bland (to minute take)