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Chattering Chimps



Chattering Chimps sessions will help you promote your child's attention, listening and language skills through music and songs.

Music is a great way to promote communication, as it is fun, helps your child to tune into, listen to and remember what you are saying, and also helps them learn important skills such as taking turns, looking and listening.

Children learn best when their attention is focused, so a child will learn language more easily if they have well developed attention and listening skills. Your child needs to interact and communicate with adults and other children, to be able to learn and practice their language skills.

Children also need to be able to understand a word before they can use it meaningfully in speech, although children can copy words they hear without knowing what they mean. 

The Chattering Chimps group will promote your child's language development by:

  • Encouraging them to attend activities for longer
  • Develop skills such as looking, listening and taking turns during group activities,
  • Developing understanding and learning new words through songs and stories, giving them time to make choices or take the lead in activities.
  • Practicing using their voices and making sounds through songs and music making.

If you are concerned that your child needs more specific support, you may wish to talk to your health visitor about seeing a Speech and Language Therapist.