Duke Street Nursery School

"Every Second Counts"


What to Wear

We have our own uniform with the nursery logo printed on them. They are machine washable and ideal for your child to wear whilst they are at nursery. The items we stock are:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Polo Shirts
  • Hooded Sweatshirts
  • Pinafores
  • Cardigan

Please do not dress your child in their best clothes - provide them with practical clothing with fastenings that they can manage on their own. We encourage independence and we LOVE to get messy! 


All except the Pinafore dress comes in red or navy blue.

The following sizes are available:

22" (extra small)

24"  - Age 3-4yrs

26" - Age 5yrs

28" - Age 6-7yrs


Polo Shirt -  £7.95

Sweatshirt - £8.95

Cardigan - £10.00

Hooded Sweatshirt - £12.00

(Navy) Lightweight Jacket - £12.00

(Grey Only) Pinafore Dress - £9.50

Do you have Nursery Uniform that is nearly new and with your child is moving on to Primary School, you no longer need?

We are piloting the idea of raising funds for the nursery by selling nearly new uniform to parents, from donated items of clothing. This will help fund extras for the children in nursery and help parents provide uniform for their new starter at a cheaper price.

Speak to Lynne in the office if you can help.