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Early Talk Boost

Early Talk Boost is a targeted intervention delivered by our experienced and specially trained Early Years Practitioners and teachers. Designed for children aged 3-4 who are experiencing a delay in their language it is delivered in small groups of 6-8 children to boost their language skills.

Children who are invited to attend the sessions will attend ‘Tizzy Time’ three times a week for approx.. 15-20 minutes over a ten week period. The sessions include activities that cover the foundation skills in speech, language and communication that children need for learning and understanding new words, as well as having conversations and will support:

* Attention and listening as a foundation skill for speaking and listening

* Developing vocabulary; as research shows that children with weaker vocabularies are at risk of difficulties with reading.

* Building sentences; putting words together is a vital skill for having conversations and telling stories

The interactive sessions are supported by characters Jake and Tizzy, with a different story each week that features these characters. A copy of this book is taken home by each child taking part so that it can be shared together with their parents/carers to support their learning at home.